Automotive FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Shocks?

A1 Auto 3 Brothers Car Repair is occasionally asked by our customers in the Baltimore area how much they can expect to pay to replace shocks in their vehicles. Our automotive shock specialists tell them that the cost to replace car shock absorbers can vary on different factors to include the age of the car or truck and whether it is a performance car or a typical passenger car.

Newer Vehicles (2006–Present)

The shocks on newer model cars are generally more complicated than shocks used just before 2006. Typically, we tell our customers that shocks for newer cars can cost on average $325–$400 for a set of four shocks on a normal passenger sedan.

Older Vehicles (1994–2005)

The shocks for older model cars and trucks are designed simpler and usually more readily available. Typically the cost of shocks for older vehicles can run about $40 less than shocks for newer model vehicles.

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