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Al Schipper — Battle Creek MI

A1 Auto 3 Brothers Car Repair is pleased to share the following client review from Al Schipper of Battle Creek. A1 Auto 3 Brothers Car Repair loves getting such feedback as Al shared as it assist with our goal of being the very best automotive repair shop in the Baltimore area.

Recently you recieved a Buick Regal into your buisness that had problems with its brakes. The owner of the vehicle is Beverly Kelley, Chaplain here at our hospital. She and her daughter Robin had just dropped off a father and his daughter Erin at the McElderly House on McElderly Street as Erin is scheduled for an organ transplant at Johns Hopkins in the next couple of weeks. When they began their return trip to Michigan they discovered that their car had serious problems with its brakes. After making several calls to other auto repair shops Beverly called you and new quickly that your business was where she wanted her car to be towed. I want to recognize you and your employees for the outstanding care and service-above and beyond-that they received from you. Another story could possibly have been told as the two ladies were in an unfamiliar place completely vulnerable to a necessary repair to their car in order to make a safe return trip. You took them 'under your wing' and provided them care and attention as if they were family. In addition, the after service follow up by calling them later in the day of their departure while they were on the road to be sure that everything was alright and that the brakes were functioning as they should in itself demonstrates the outstanding quality of your customer service. Today there are far too many small business owners who are focused only on how much they can make from each customer. You not only charged a fair and reasonable price for your repair service but also gave them outstanding customer service. You are an outstanding example of what honesty and sincere appreciation of a customer means in business today. The many of us here at Battle Creek Health System who have been supporting this family for nearly 3 years in their mission of saving their loved one's life share much gratitude for you and the wonderful care of our two volunteers who were on a mission of mercy for one of our own.

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