Client Review
Max Behrens — Baltimore MD

A1 Auto 3 Brothers Car Repair is pleased to share the following client review from Max Behrens of Baltimore. A1 Auto 3 Brothers Car Repair loves getting such feedback as Max shared as it assist with our goal of being the very best automotive repair shop in the Baltimore area.

Elite customer service. Aug 14, 2009 My family has been in the industry for 73 years, and I've been around it for all 25 of my years. Paul is the kind of supremely honest businessman I didn't know still exists. In addition to just being genuinely friendly and accommodating, Paul made sure my job was done very quickly. He made sure I knew everything that was going on with the vehicle -- both what needed to be done, and what could wait for some other time. Every employee I met had a true understanding of customer service. I enthusiastically give Three Brothers my highest recommendation -- to the point that I left with several business cards to give to friends. Now I just have to find a shop like this in Boston.

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