Baltimore MD Automotive Brake Pads Replacement Repair

A1 Auto Three Brothers Car Repair offers a wide range of brake pad replacement services at our Baltimore auto repair shop. Our brake repair specialists are familiar with the various brake pads that are available on the market today and will take the time to consult with you insofar as how to choose the best brake pad for your car or truck. Today's brake pads are made up of a variety of materials that can affect your vehicle's overall performance. Some brake pads offer superb heat transfer and as a result better braking results, but end up leaving unsightly brake dust on your wheel rims. Other brake pad compounds tend to have a soft feel and perform quietly, but wear out more frequently. If you hear a high pitched squealing when breaking this may indicate your brake pads need replacement. The squealing is a result of a soft-metal wear indicator that is being rubbed against the brake rotor to alert you that a brake pad replacement is needed. Other indications of needing a brake pad replacement include the vehicle pulling to one side or the other when driving, grabbing or vibrating brakes, and a soft feeling when depressing the brake pedal. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then please schedule an appointment today or call us and we can give you an idea as to the brake pad replacement cost.